Who we are

We tell the stories, ones that have been overlooked, that need to be told.


new aya logo.jpg

Meaning of the name and the logo

áyA is a Lakota word meaning “to gradually become, be changing, to grow into a new state of being, be turning into.” (Lakota Language Consortium) We chose this name because we recognize the need for a change. In how pop culture presents cultures and in how we look at education. We strive to bring untold stories to the light and to inspire others to become the change we need in our world. The concept of having opportunity, being able to change your situation into something good and beneficial to yourself and your community is something that is deeply needed.

The logo is a raven flying out of ink. The raven is a messenger of strength, a bird that braves the storm instead of flying away from it. The raven symbolizes resiliency and is looked to as a messenger of confronting life’s hardships and coming out strong.